It is good to have many personae, to make collections, sew up several, collect them as we go along in life. As we become older, with such a collection at our behest, we find we can portray any aspect of self most anytime we wish. However, at some pint, most particularly as one grows into and past mid-life and on into old age, one’s personas shift and meld in mysterious ways. Eventually, there is a kind of ”melt down”, a loss of personae complete, thereby revealing what would, in its greatest light, be called ”the true self”.

(Clarissa Pinkola Estes in her book Women who run with the wolves)

Personas is my project about the plural self and identity.

The photos are self-portraits, but I am not convinced this collection of personas is a reflection of me, as collected throughout my life. If not, then where have all these types come from? And, if these types represent the different personas of me or my self, when will they start melting to reveal my “true” self? 

Or will it ever be revealed?